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Remote Upgrade Service

As time marches on, the need arises to upgrade your critical systems in order to drive your business into the future.

As with many enterprise class systems, Webtrends Analytics On Premises is typically a complex platform of servers that are highly customized and need a strongly managed project to ensure the least impact on your day-to-day operations during an upgrade. While it is entirely likely your Webtrends and IT administrators can handle this process, why not let Webtrends experts do the heavy lifting for you and greatly reduce the amount of risk and downtime your end users experience?

The Remote Upgrade Service provides Webtrends’ expert assistance in the upgrade of your Webtrends Analytics On Premises installation to v9.2. It offers a cost-effective choice for ensuring a successful upgrade while minimizing downtime for your end users and impact on IT resources. Using a proven approach, Webtrends will upgrade the necessary files from your environment in our in-house Upgrade Center. We will provide the upgraded files for installation in a new install of v9.2 within your environment. Best of all, none of your data leaves your facility, only the Webtrends configuration files are sent to us. Additionally, optional assistance is available with the installation of v9.2, components, and additional environments for development/QA purposes.


When you purchase the Webtrends Remote Upgrade Service tasks we help you with include:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Review of planned environment for new installation to confirm hardware sizing and planned architecture
  • Installation of Analytics v9.2 and its components (if purchased)
  • Set up and upgrade of Customer’s configuration files in Webtrends Upgrade Center
  • Assistance with Analytics v9.2 setup
  • Upgrade verification and testing
  • Optional Remote Upgrade Services Additional Installations Add-on (if purchased) – Assistance with set up and verification of upgraded configuration files from your production environment in additional development or QA environments.
  • Guided tour of Analytics Software v9.2 new features

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In a few words, they basically take care of the most complex parts of the upgrade. And here’s the kicker: you can be as far back as 7.5b and they will upgrade you to 9.2a, no problem! Those at a minimum familiar with the topic are going ‘Holy Cow!’

Jacques Warren
CEO, WOA/Marketing

Remote Upgrade Service Customers

  • accenture
  • alcoa
  • blueCross
  • dow corning
  • fidelity
  • intel
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Ernst & Young
  • merck
  • michelin
  • microsoft
  • nestle
  • toyota
  • vw