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Enterprise Proactive Services

You’ve selected Webtrends' class-leading solutions for your business. Your team has worked closely with the Webtrends services team to understand your requirements and develop and implement a data collection and reporting strategy that meets your requirements. What do you do next?

Maximizing the value of your analytics investment means planning beyond the initial implementation. Evolving business requirements, changes to your desktop or mobile site, and evolving marketing plans all require adjustments to your data collection and reporting strategy. Webtrends Enterprise Proactive Services (EPS) are designed to help speed time to value and ensure your organization’s ongoing success with Webtrends solutions.


Enterprise Proactive Services provide access to an experienced Webtrends Technical Account Manager to help manage your ongoing business and technical needs.

Webtrends Technical Account Managers have deep expertise in all verticals including:

  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Consumer/Package Goods
  • Technology
  • Travel/Airline
  • Lead Generation
  • Media/Publishing
  • Banking/Finance
  • Ecommerce/Retail


Technical Account Managers can help your team with the ongoing maintenance, optimization, and usage of your Webtrends solutions.

EPS activities may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Administration/User Management
  • Best Practice Recommendations/Guidance
  • Requirements Gathering/Solution Design
  • Technical Guidance/Data Collection
  • Data Interpretation/Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Training for Administrators and Data Consumers

Professional Fees and Expenses

Enterprise Proactive Services are available for a set number of hours on a weekly basis. For more information please contact your account manager to discuss.

Enterprise Proactive Services Customers

  • reuters
  • zinio
  • ups
  • logitech
  • microsoft
  • Blue Cross
  • hsbc
  • Wells Fargo
  • orbitz
  • asos
  • att
  • orange
  • coke
  • kimberlyClark
  • lbm
  • fidelity
  • nestle