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Data Quality Assessment

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Time is money and you can’t afford a misstep in today’s pressured environment. As your Digital Marketing presence continues to mature in today’s fast moving world, you can’t afford for your decision makers to make decisions based on out of date or incorrect analytics.

The Webtrends Data Quality Assessment provides a comprehensive audit of the Webtrends tags on your site, so you can be confident in your tag deployment. Each audit includes Webtrends’ expert assistance in reviewing the results of the scan to help you quickly identify missing tags or other tagging issues and recommendations for resolving the issues.

  • Get more value from your Webtrends investment
    • Quickly identify key opportunities
    • Learn from experts about industry best practices
    • Focus your resources to get best results
  • Have confidence in your data
    • Data driven decisions are more important than ever
    • Verify that all your pages are tagged correctly
    • Verify that the correct parameters are being passed

What we deliver

Comprehensive audit of Webtrends tag deployment

  • Tag versions
  • Missing tags
  • Tag placement
  • Duplicate tags
  • Meta tags
  • Page load times

Expert Assessment & Recommendations

  • Analysis and review of scan results by Webtrends consultant
  • Summary report
  • Conference call reviewing results

Find Out More

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Data Quality Assessment Customers

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