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Experts on Retainer

The experts you need, when you need them

You can’t become a successful data-driven organization without the right people. If like many organizations, you’ve already invested in a powerful technology platform, yet remain short-staffed when it comes to analytics and marketing program development. Good people are hard to find. That’s why in addition to project-based consulting, Webtrends offers staff augmentation retainers to provide your company with ongoing resources for success.

Let Webtrends provide you with the experts you need when you need them.

Available Retainers

  • Strategic Consultant
  • Admin OnDemand
  • Technical Consultant OnDemand
  • Optimization Consultant
  • Search Analyst
  • App Creation
  • Social Marketing Optimization

Webtrends Analytics for Optimization

Analytics, heatmaps and your optimization strategy

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which Webtrends Analytics reports can help you determine which areas of your site to optimize
  • How to use Webtrends Heatmaps to find abandonment causes and problems in customer flow
  • Why your data insights should be the cornerstone to your optimization strategy