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Mobile Measurement

Mobile Measurement

Track Mobile Activity Beyond
the First Mobile Download

Now you can quickly understand the essentials about your mobile customers, including who they are, where they use your mobile products, how they use them and how often. Webtrends Mobile Measurement provides detailed data to guide your mobile marketing strategy through cross-channel initiatives, so you get a new perspective on customers while they use your apps, the mobile web, social, geo location, SMS and QR codes.

See the big picture, build a smart marketing strategy.

Of all the digital channels, mobile moves fastest. Answers to questions like “How do I make my apps more inviting?” and “Which devices should I prioritize?” change with the technology. Our mobile analytics give you a view of your mobile data in relation to your other digital properties, so you can build the right mobile strategy for your business objectives.

Are you where you should be in mobile?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do my current processes and workflow provide the right insights into my programs and site/app development?
  • Am I able to justify dedicating internal resources and expertise around mobile measurement + optimization?

We could not have invented our iPad nighttime reading mode without the data gained from Webtrends Mobile Analytics.

Mark Challinor
Director of Mobile & Interactive Services, Telegraph

Look what you can do with Webtrends Mobile Analytics:

  • Measure mobile adoption, customer engagement and overall effectiveness of your campaigns in the context of all of your digital marketing initiatives.
  • Scale your platform according to the demands of your business, without compromising capabilities like data collection.
  • Optimize campaigns based on quantifiable data, like downloads, mobile web activity, video consumption, location and device specifics.

Webtrends Analytics for Optimization

Analytics, heatmaps and your optimization strategy

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which Webtrends Analytics reports can help you determine which areas of your site to optimize
  • How to use Webtrends Heatmaps to find abandonment causes and problems in customer flow
  • Why your data insights should be the cornerstone to your optimization strategy