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Targeting & Segmentation

Deliver relevant, personal, and valuable experiences across digital channels.

Webtrends segmentation and targeting solutions can help you provide experiences, content, and promotions finely tuned to the behavior and attributes of website visitors. You’ll automatically discover high-value customers and other segments within a single customer’s session, and be able to define comprehensive segments based on multiple sources, including historical, recent, and in-session activity, and even offline data. In the same moment, it’s easy to immediately target the right content for each site visitor.

Only Webtrends targets the right content for each site visitor based on a combination of what that person is doing in the moment and everything else you know about that customer.


“If the experience falls below expectations, 83% of customers won’t come back.”
Source: Forrester

Webtrends segmentation and behavioral targeting make it possible to:

  • Discover valuable customer segments in real-time based on in-session behaviors or import profile-based segment definitions.
  • Target content based on in-the-moment visitor behavior, device type, marketing channel (search/campaign/referrer/etc.), as well as a combination of historical and in-session activities.
  • Integrate information from CRMs, loyalty programs, ecommerce platforms, and other data sources for targeting.
  • Deliver content tested and proven to perform best within each segment.
  • Improve performance of online and offline marketing programs (email, direct mail, CRM, etc.)
  • Identify and engage high-value customers with relevant content across all digital channels.
  • Drive and inform business strategies through a better understanding of customer behaviors.
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Webtrends Analytics for Optimization

Analytics, heatmaps and your optimization strategy

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which Webtrends Analytics reports can help you determine which areas of your site to optimize
  • How to use Webtrends Heatmaps to find abandonment causes and problems in customer flow
  • Why your data insights should be the cornerstone to your optimization strategy