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Mobile & Social Optimization

Across mobile and social channels, customers expect valuable experiences. After all, they can communicate, shop or research right from the palm of their hand, and talk directly to your brand on Facebook or Twitter. These are personal experiences that create an expectation of intimacy and relevance with every interaction, and they can happen at any stage of the purchase process.

With Webtrends mobile and social optimization solutions, you'll see how customers behave across all possible digital channels and given them the right content for the right device.

Mobile fact

More than 30% of smartphone owners are using their devices for product research at some time during the sales cycle, and 13% are using their smartphones to make a purchase. Source – Forrester

Webtrends mobile and social optimization solutions make it possible to:

Take advantage of mobile devices for location-based targeting. For example: Help travelers find nearby cars and hotels, or help shoppers take advantage of price-match guarantees or other offers to convert them while in-store.

Apply a unified view of customers to target relevant content. Analyze personal interactions across web, social, and mobile touch points so you can easily create consistent experiences, and nurture movement across channels.

Segment using native mobile data. Geographic location, language, conversion event history, device type and more can help you enhance targeting for both returning and first-time traffic.

Improve customer engagement with mobile sites and apps. Look at search patterns, downloads and purchases, trended usage and engagement summary metrics, in-app ad response, mobile session duration and frequency, and more.

Optimize Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Test to determine what your customers respond to, and target relevant content to segments of your customers.

Backstage Access

Webtrends Analytics for Optimization

Analytics, heatmaps and your optimization strategy

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which Webtrends Analytics reports can help you determine which areas of your site to optimize
  • How to use Webtrends Heatmaps to find abandonment causes and problems in customer flow
  • Why your data insights should be the cornerstone to your optimization strategy