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CRM Exchange

Personalize customer communications with the help of powerful analytics.

Give your teams easier access to data they can use to improve communication with customers. Webtrends CRM Exchange shares valuable data with sales and support teams by adding it to your CRM system quickly. Since those teams engage directly with customers, they can use it to make more informed decisions about the viability of a lead and the relevant points of connection that could help make a sale.

Smarter, faster visitor-centric data helps increase sales.

Information like what kind of content and web pages attract the most views can make a difference to your customer-facing teams. And since they can access it in the CRM solution they’re already familiar with, there’s no time or money wasted on learning a new system. They can focus on what’s important – learning what customers are doing in your digital channels.

Testing tip: Create distinct variations

If testing elements are too similar, you’ll get similar results—and less understanding about what compels your customers to act.

Here’s how Webtrends CRM Exchange helps you improve conversion rates. You can:

  • See what customers are doing on your website, including campaign responses, product views, searches and downloads.
  • Understand where customers are in the buying cycle.
  • Anticipate what topics might most engage your customers when they do talk to you directly.
  • Share data quickly with customer-facing teams.
  • Target effectively based on previous customer history.
  • Use data for behavioral retargeting campaigns.

Webtrends Analytics for Optimization

Analytics, heatmaps and your optimization strategy

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which Webtrends Analytics reports can help you determine which areas of your site to optimize
  • How to use Webtrends Heatmaps to find abandonment causes and problems in customer flow
  • Why your data insights should be the cornerstone to your optimization strategy