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Email Remarketing

See customer activity as it happens and react immediately with personalized messages.

Now when customers leave your site, you’ll have everything you need to guide them back. Email Remarketing gives you access to visitor-level data as it happens and the technology to send meaningful, relevant messages to reconnect with customers.

Here’s a typical scenario where our Email Remarketing can help you: A customer has abandoned a shopping cart on your site. You see it happen, and immediately send an enticing offer via email, SMS, even social, that compels them to complete the purchase. That’s just one possibility. Email Remarketing can help with your cross-selling initiatives too, by using behavioral data to prompt customers with relevant, timely products offers.

Webtrends fact

No other company can provide full view of a visitor session while it’s in progress.

Email Remarketing benefits

Shorten the time between insight and action
The Action Center platform that powers Email Remarketing enables seamless integration of both in-session and historical customer-level data into your email system. You don’t have to wait for data—it’s there for you when you need it.

Nurture customer loyalty
As richer data gives you better understanding of what interests and motivates your customers, you’ll be able to have more meaningful communication with them. That generates trust, and helps make your site one they’ll return to again and again.

Greater visibility into the customer journey
How customers find you and why they leave your website becomes clearer when you have access to historical and in-session data. The action you have to take to engage them will be clearer, too.

Easy integration through the Action Center platform

Email remarketing relies on the power of Webtrends Streams™ and the speed of the Action Center platform, which features:

SaaS solution that you can integrate with additional marketing systems, like marketing automation and CRM.

Pre-integration with valuable partners, including Responsys, Exact Target, and Silverpop.

Delivery of as-it-happens, visitor-level data into your marketing systems using your business process.

Learn more about Action Center.

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