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Digital Measurement


Advancing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The demands on web analytics have grown significantly from simply measuring activity on your website, to providing a holistic view of customer acquisition, engagement and retention across all digital channels. With the right solution, data from all digital properties can be used to inform and guide an integrated marketing strategy.

Building a Culture of Measurement

John Lovett of Web Analytics Demystified covers the challenges and benefits of sustaining a culture of measurement, how to find meaning using the four tiers of a “Waterfall Strategy” and the PDCA cycle, and how the culture of measurement has led to big gains at Cabela’s, Barclays and a global auto manufacturer.

Delivering the X Factor in CXM

Learn about CXM and how analytics is emerging as the cornerstone of CXM in this whitepaper. CXM is not a product available from a box, but rather a complex ecosystem of people, process and technology. And it’s a strategy in which every division in a company plays a role in gathering and integrating customer intelligence.

Unified Digital Marketing Performance

Measurement, testing and targeting methodologies help maximize marketing performance across all your digital channels. This new webinar provides a 3-step guide for acquiring, engaging and nurturing customers through web, Facebook and mobile sites.

Analytics Traffic Metrics for Government Agencies

Recent confusion over the proper use of cookies on federal government agency websites has heightened the need for all organizations to understand the definitions and technology of web analytic solutions in order to assess their web analytics and privacy strategies.

Developing a Strategy for Mobile Maturity

As mobile matures as a marketing channel, it will have a significant impact on the bottom line, ultimately leading to increased revenue and/or decreased costs. Measurement of the direct and indirect contribution of mobile marketing toward these business objectives is necessary in order to properly manage this channel. With digital analytics, you can measure what matters to your business, build a business case for ongoing investment, and identify opportunities to incrementally increase returns.

Introducing the DM3

Find out how you can assess the sophistication of your digital marketing with Webtrends Digital Marketing Maturity Model.

Driving Marketing Relevance

What if it were possible to respond to a visitor’s preferences and behaviors while on your site, and impact the result before they leave? No waiting for their next visit, no lost opportunity or time delay. As-it-happens digital intelligence enables immediate intervention to drive customer conversion.

Success Of Social Commerce

Social commerce is heating up! Analysts predict that commerce from Facebook stores will hit $30 billion by 2015. Adgregate Markets and Webtrends examine the impact of social networks and mobile sites on website traffic and the correlating rise of Facebook commerce by leading retailers.

Engaging Online Shoppers With In-The-Moment Experiences

As-it-happens digital intelligence helps retailers gain an edge with customers, bringing personalized offers and relevant products to their attention while on site.

Best Practices for Social Measurement

A practical, proven approach to integrating social media with other digital channels and determining its value to the bottom line.

Conversion Optimization


Online Testing for Site Optimization: 101

Online testing gives marketers important information that can be used to guide creative, offers and overall user experience. By using the information gathered, you can directly influence consumer behavior and increase your ROI. But how do you get started? Download this whitepaper to find out.

Optimizing Your Landing Pages

Today’s landing pages can take all shapes and forms, from a Facebook app to mobile interstitial, campaign microsite or traditional web page. The landing page can make or break the success of a campaign, and testing a landing page is an easy, value-proving first step in optimization.

Taking Control with Marketing Optimization

Consumers want a personalized experience. They want to know that companies are paying attention and can add value to their experience. It is time for Marketing to deliver.

Online Behavioral Data

Is your marketing as relevant as it should be? Gary Angel says, “Probably not.” Read his latest white paper, and discover the most effective way to send the right message to the right audience at the right time using scoring and segmentation.

Segmentation in the Financial Industry

Gary Angel, President of Semphonic, brings his experience, knowledge, and ideas together in this informational white paper on segmentation in Financial Services. Gary brings practitioner experience from his database marketing roles along with segmentation and targeting consulting experience with companies including Visa and American Express.

Segmentation In The Healthcare Industry

Segmentation is used in a variety of ways by businesses today. The two most common applications of segmentation are reporting/analysis and targeting. Segmentation is often applied to reporting and analysis to help marketers understand the behavior of one portion of the population when compared to another. Segmentation is also used by virtually every marketer to target sales prospects and customers. This white paper focuses on common applications of segments in targeting within the healthcare industry.

10 Things About Consumer Segmentation

Perhaps the most powerful and underused marketing tool available today is segmentation: the ability to identify high-opportunity customer groups within your marketplace. As competition heats up, marketers must get smarter and more creative about whom they are targeting for new acquisition and retention programs. The use of segmentation is a fundamental strategy for companies that wish to increase sales, uncover new opportunities and improve customer retention. In this paper, Kevin Hillstrom, President of MineThatData covers ten things you should know about consumer segmentation.

Ensuring Success With Testing and Targeting

Like most solutions to business problems, successful site optimization requires the right combination of people, process, and technology. This whitepaper will go in depth on the people and process aspects of site optimization.

Campaign Optimization


Facebook’s Best Kept Secret

In this white paper you’ll discover the keys to successful advertising on Facebook that can help you get 7X greater click-through rates and put your company on a path to monetizing the fan base.

A Guide for Developing Facebook Campaigns

It makes sense that marketers are rushing to build a “social” presence on Facebook. Not only are consumers spending more time there, but Facebook users are also extremely engaged with both friends and brands, sharing activities and interests sometimes multiple times a day. So, where do you begin? We have pulled together tips to help marketers get Facebook ad programs on track.