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Digital Measurement


Contextual Delivery And Cross-Channel Analytics Revolutionize Digital Experiences

This report outlines the changing technology landscape for application development and delivery (AD&D) pros working on digital experience delivery initiatives. This report is designed to help you understand the changing technology landscape and identify new areas of opportunity.

Effective Marketing Delivers Results

Organizations in 2010 remain under economic pressure to accomplish more with less, as companies endeavor to achieve and sustain recessionary profitability through top-line revenue growth. In June and August of 2010, Aberdeen surveyed 453 companies to learn about the primary drivers of their marketing efforts for 2011 and beyond.

Marketing Ecosystem Effectiveness

Determining the optimal way to go to market is no longer an annual undertaking. Becoming more agile at exploiting opportunities, pre-empting issues or threats, as well as leveraging new consumer shifts, trends and news developments make “on-demand” marketing planning and operational flexibility a critical competency in brand marketing organizations. In this valuable white paper, The CMO Council and Webtrends have teamed up to conduct surveys and provide analysis, insights, customer stories, and actionable direction toward marketing ecosystem effectiveness.

Welcome to the Era of Digital Intelligence

Be among the first of your peers to understand that digital intelligence brings a set of expanded requirements and calls on firms to consider their technology frameworks, organizational structures, metrics, and optimization practices.

The MMA Primer on Mobile Analytics

Marketers are constantly being challenged to get the most out of their budgets. And the process of measuring campaign performance that informs and delivers these results is analytics.

The New Mobile Marketing Imperative

Break through the noise and reach customers with precision-targeted mobile marketing. This Aberdeen Group report highlights industry best practices for maximizing business results from mobile marketing initiatives.

A Framework For Social Analytics

Organizations today increasingly rely on social media to answer questions about their business: What do our customers think about us? What do they say about our competitors? What questions do they have about our products and services? Where and when do they talk about us? What do they love, and—as painful as it may be to hear—what do they hate?

Social Media ROI Cookbook

Altimeter Group identified six primary top-down and bottom-up approaches and developed three case studies that illustrate how organizations measure the impact of social media on revenue. But while these six ingredients are consistent, the emphasis each company places on them depends on the nature of their business. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. The following pages aim to identify and describe — based on business, product, media, and customer type — the most effective “recipes” for measuring the revenue impact of social media that we have seen adopted to date.

Conversion Optimization


The State of Online Testing

As customer engagement is now conducted largely through digital channels, offering relevant experiences becomes more and more vital to brand success. That’s why testing and measuring content – from graphics to offers – to determine the best response rate is so important to marketing campaign success.

Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Report: Landing Page Optimization

The latest research and insights from MarketingSherpa on how marketing organizations are using landing page optimization to increase conversions, justify optimization budgets and maximize the ROI of website traffic